Monday, July 28, 2008

Diary of a Bad Mommy (Volume 8)

So, my latest money-making scheme isn't a scheme. It's good old-fashioned work. Babysitting, to be exact. I've been keeping a 5-year-old boy 3 days a week and a little baby girl just sporadically. It's not too bad. Some days are a bit more, um, long, than others, but I LOVE having my own money. Don't get me wrong. My husband gives me a nice, plentiful "allowance" on payday every two weeks, but it pretty much just covers groceries, gas and the barest of essentials. Groceries for a family of five is, as you probably know, not cheap. So if I want to shop at Sephora or Old Navy, it cuts into our grocery budget and then I have to ask my husband for money as if I am his kid. "Daddy can I please have some Smashbox primer and eyeliner?"
But I digress. The real issue today is that I spent all my money. And then some. I got paid on Friday and went to buy groceries for our poker tournament. And then, in a rare moment of solitary shopping, went to the mall and blew some more of "my own money." I'm completely broke. COMPLETELY. If I was in college, this would be the time I would run down to the strip and donate some plasma to make it through the rest of the week.
I don't mind being broke. Especially when I have lots of "pretties" in the closet to look at. But I woke up this morning, realizing we were running out of milk. And diapers for Reese and Rhett.
Is that the sign of a deadbeat mom or what? I spent all my money on fancy baubles for myself and now the babies ain't got no milk or diapers? Dang, I feel like such a loser.
So, in order to sort of redeem my status as a decent mother, I'm off to Target to return some of the least necessary items so I can trade them in for diapers and milk.
And then I will sit in the corner in shame and embarrassment for the rest of the day.

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