Monday, April 28, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

In case you hadn't noticed (or in case anyone actually had), I haven't been online much lately. It's not because I haven't thought about it. It's not because I didn't have anything to say. No, it's because I have headaches. And nausea. Unexplained, horrible headaches which lead to miserable nausea. My thyroid doctor told me to see a neurologist, but because that scares the bejeezus out of me, I've decided to diagnose myself. First, I started with minimizing my time on the computer. That seemed to help, but didn't fix the problem. So I went to the eye doctor Friday and he actually laughed when he examined my eyes. Apparently, my eyes are very imbalanced. He said "The muscles in one eye are working overtime to keep up with this eye." I immediately, almost shouting, asked "I don't have to wear an eye patch do I?" Thankfully, he said no. I just need some glasses. So much for the Lasik surgery I had 9 years ago. I would, however, prefer glasses to a brain tumor. So, I'll wear them. And gripe.

Anyway, I don't have the glasses yet, but since I'm pretty sure my problems are my eyes and not a tumor, I'm back in action. Pain and misery be damned. Actually, we just had a really great time at the Rangers game yesterday and I have, what I think, are some cute pictures I wanted to share. So, enjoy!

Here is our whole family, before the game. Aaron and I are both mortified at our double chins. Between the both of us, there are four chins. It's horrifying. Embarrassing. Motivation to keep up with this boot camp/torture I just signed up for. Just look at our children though. Totally worth it.

We had awesome seats, thanks to our good friends who gave us the tickets. Plus, it was an overcast day, so not many people came to the game. We had lots of room to spread out, which was great. Rhett and Reese got to watch the action up close.

Avery, of course, took it all very seriously. The game and the junk food.

I love this one. Aaaron bought them all these $5 mini-replica bats. Avery used hers to practice swinging when the guys were batting. Reese used hers for.....well, I don't know what she's using it for. I do know that she's holding it at the wrong end.

Reese's favorite part of the whole day was, by far, the peanuts. Aaron and I shelled so many peanuts, I'm surprised our fingertips aren't raw. She went nuts. Ha ha. Nuts. Get it? Peanuts? Nuts? Ok sorry, on to the picture.

Happy Monday!

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