Monday, April 7, 2008

Potty Training

Isn't it ironic that potty training comes at the same time as the Terrible Twos? As if you don't have enough on your plate with the constant whining, arguing, and "I do it my-TELF!" Add potty training and it's enough to drive even the most patient, kind mother to tears. And I'm not the most patient, kind mother. The past few weeks have tested my patience, to say the least. But I'm here to report that Reese has not had an accident at home in at least a week. And she's even been going potty in public, when wearing a Pull-Up and the Pull-Up comes home dry 99% of the time. She is nothing if not stubborn. I mean, determined. Yeah, that's the "half-full" way of looking at it. Reese is determined. Not stubborn and belligerent. Strong and determined. Those are good qualities when entering the world. Just not so fun when you are the mother trying to mold determination and strength into a somewhat pleasant child.

My least favorite thing about potty training has been the vigilance with which I should be checking the little potty in the bathroom. I say should because Lord knows I forget to check it as often as I should. As if I have nothing else to do but be on Turd Alert all day. Rhett checks it for me when I forget. Can I get a collective "EEEEWWWW"? I know. It's gross. Our days are full of hand-washing, clothes changing and potty emptying.

When I feel sick to death of the little potty and cleaning up tee-tee and poopy messes, I try to think of the positive things about potty training. In my husband's eyes, it's one step closer to financial freedom. One less child in diapers. Woo hoo!
In my eyes, it's things like this:
Reese ALWAYS wants to wear her big girl panties. Even at night, when she has to wear a Pull-Up. I love it that instead of arguing, she just wears both. It looks uncomfortable, but she refuses to do it any other way. Love that strength and determination.

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haley said...

Thank God for Miss Laura. She was a rock star in the potty training area. If it hadn't been for her, Jadyn would be changing her own diaper now. Sleeping better? ;)