Friday, April 18, 2008

The Dead Bird

I have to share with you this conversation between Avery and I that just took place. We are grilling salmon and planning to eat outside on our patio, so she and her dad are getting things all set up outside. She just walked in with the saddest, most pitiful face I've ever seen and said "Momma, there was a bitty baby bird outside and it is dead." Here's the rest of that little chat. I had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing at times.

Me: Oh, baby, I'm so sorry.
Avery: Yeah, isn't that sad? That poor little baby just got dead. Another bad bird got it dead because there is a hole in it.
Me: Well, I really hate to hear that, but at least now it's little soul can go to Heaven and be with God.
Avery: Nope. The trash.
Me: What?
Avery: Dad threw that bitty baby bird into the trash.
Me: Oh. Well, what else would he do with it?
Avery: How about just leave it there? How is that baby's momma going to come get it and take him home?
Me: Well, if the momma wants to find him, she will.
Avery: I'm going to go outside and say "Tweet, tweet, tweet" and let that momma know what happened to her baby.
Me: I think that's a good idea, Baby. I know it's sad, but that's what happens.
Avery: Yeah, I guess that's just what happens if you're a bird.

Maybe you had to be there, but it was quite a crack up. The solemn facial expression, the utter despair. It was one of those priceless conversations that I hope I never forget. That's why I like to write this stuff down...otherwise, I wouldn't remember yesterday.

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