Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Perfect? Hardly

A few weeks ago, one of my friends told me that she reads my blog all the time and that my life sounds perfect the way I write about it. First of all, if this is true, that my life seems perfect based on what you read here, then I apologize. Second of all, my friend knows all too well that my life isn't perfect and while she didn't mean it as a criticism or insult (I don't think!) I thought I'd better clarify a few things.
I love my life. A lot. But I have my moments where I want to scream, cry, and/or run away. I just don't think people find my pity-parties interesting or entertaining. I find it fascinating that there are people reading about my life at all, so I try to keep the depressing parts to a minimum.
Not that they aren't there. They are, so I'm going to throw a bunch of stuff out there just in case there are other people under the misconception that my life is just one silly antecdote after another.

Take yesterday for instance. My day was full of nothing but tears, snot and diarrhea. All three kids had diarrhea. We all have allergies, and Rhett has a double ear infection. Every time Rhett went poopy in his diaper, it leaked and I had to change his clothes. His bottom was so red, it bled and he could barely sit on it. Reese is potty training and still uses the baby potty, so I emptied that potty of diarrhea at least 6 times yesterday. Each time, I scoured the potty and my hands with hot water, Clorox wipes and anti-bacterial soap. I finished the day with three beers and we ate dinner outside so we could hose off the patio when the pigs, I mean, KIDS, finished eating.

My kids argue. Too much. They drive me crazy. Sometimes I handle it fairly well, with a calm voice and time outs for all. Sometimes I yell, though. Sometimes I say "OH MY GOSH, YOU GUYS ARE DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!" and I walk away from them, telling them not to talk to me for the rest of the day.

I argue with my husband. Sometimes over important things like child-rearing or money. Mostly though, we argue over the correct spelling or pronunciation of words, or whether or not we saw a movie together or with another person.

I have family issues. My parents divorced just when I was getting married 7 years ago. My dad just got remarried, my mom has a boyfriend, I have little tiffs with siblings from time to time, and I have trouble with my in-laws.

I think I'm fat. I get upset over things like today's lunch...I scarfed down a Waldorf Chicken salad I bought at Kroger, proud of myself for choosing something so healthy, only to realize that the calorie/fat count was for one serving and these idiots actually think TWO people are going to eat that teeny tiny salad.

I am a neat freak. Less so than before I married my "laid back" (Lazy/cluttery/dirty) husband and had to relax a bit, but still. I can lose my mind over a dirty floor or hairy shower and want to cry.

I am not the greatest friend in the world. I don't call my friends as much as I should and I don't tell them I appreciate them as much as I should.

Shall I go on or have I made my point? My life is no different/easier/harder than anyone else's. But my favorite thing about writing this blog is that it has taught me to look at the little things in life with humor and a positive attitude instead of sitting around wallowing in my own misery.
So there!!!


mrsdenarloyd said...

Dodi, I read your blog daily, or at least as often and you post something new. I laugh so hard each time I read your site.

Just wanted you to know there are plenty of us who read your site, we just forget to tell you "hi".

Dena (Carey) Loyd

You know said...

Speaking of tiffs, we are in one...seriously why did April get props on her bday and I didnt???? What do I have to do besides burn ear wax out of my ear??? The librarian picture? Will that get me some props????