Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm exhausted. Normally, I'm not one who requires a ton of sleep, but lately, it's gotten out of hand. Sunday and Monday morning, Avery was up at 5, throwing up. She was fine all day and all night until right around 5:15 both mornings. That was bad, but not as bad or strange as last night.
Last night, I started a fitness boot camp. This has nothing to do with the story except that it's hard for me to wind down when I work out at night. So I tossed and turned until almost midnight before I dozed off. I was up again around 1:30 and then again at 3. Around 3:30, I woke up to the sound of running water. I assumed it was a faucet and I lay there, debating with myself over whether I would get up to turn it off. Just forget it. It's not going to drive you crazy. You've finally gotten to sleep. If you get up now, you'll be awake for another hour. But, that's bad to waste water. You really should just get up and do it. Oh, for the love, you could have turned it off by now!
So I got up. To turn off the faucet. Except when I stepped onto the bathroom floor, I stepped in water. A lot of water. What the...?
The toilet was running. Water was all over the floor around the toilet. It must be leaking. Oh well, I'll call the Roto Rooter guy because he was the last one to mess with the toilet. Good. It will be free. Now, how to get it to stop? I lift the top of the tank off and pull on that ball/lever thingy. Nothing. Just more water flowing. And then I see it. An enormous crack down the back of the tank of the toilet. Water is pouring out. I say, very faintly, as if I don't really want him to see it, "Aaron? Honey? I need you." Nothing...just a snort from the bed. A bit louder, "Aaron? Can you wake up?" He mumbles and goes back to sawing logs. I finally yell, "Babe! CAn you get up? I need your help!"
He stumbles in, sees water and towels everywhere and says "What the hell?"
The towels are soaking it up quickly, but we know there's nothing we can do at 4 a.m., so he shuts off the water to the potty and we get back in bed, listening to the sounds of our bathroom being flooded. He says "I think we should have flushed it so it would empty out." We lay there for another 10 minutes, tossing and turning. I finally get up, flush it one last time, the water drains and the rushing stops.
Have you ever heard of this? I mean, seriously, a toilet just cracks and floods the bathroom in the middle of the night? I swear, my family has the weirdest stuff happen. At any rate, we're getting a new toilet today. Aaron wants me to go help him pick it out. As if I care what sort of toilet we get. As long as he doesn't come home with a hot pink one, I'm fine. But I'll go. And debate the elongated seat versus the energy efficient tank. Can't wait. I hope I can keep my eyes open long enough to NOT pick the hot pink.

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cort's mommy said...

FYI...our tank cracked a year ago and so we got the energy efficient one...HATE IT! It stops up all the time! It can stop up with no TP too?