Friday, August 1, 2008

Ghetto Giveaway

First let me make something clear. I'm not going to start doing giveaways all the time. One, because I don't have alot of money or crap to giveaway and two, I'm not trying to increase traffic on this site. Both of those seem to be important elements of the blog giveaway.
BUT, in this case, I have something I need to get rid of, I've already offered it to my sister, my sister in law already has it, and I don't know who else likes it.
What is it? A one-squirt-used 1.7 oz bottle of Sarah Jessica Parker's LOVELY.
I just got's $52 at Sephora but I can't return it because I opened it and took ONE SQUIRT. I love, love ,love the way it smells in the bottle. And on the sample squirty sheet they give you. But when I put it on me, it stinks to high heaven. If you don't believe me, ask my husband. He agreed that I STUNK when I wore it.
SOOOOO who wants it? I will do a random drawing amongst the comments left for me while I"m in Oklahoma this weekend. Which means you have until Monday afternoon to get those comments in.
I know it's ghetto, but it's an almost brand new bottle of perfume that I can't do anything with. So take it off my hands and enjoy. If it stinks on you, toss it. It's not like you paid for it.


Anonymous said...

I think I should get it! Remember the Pottery Barn chair incident where you threatened my life?!! This would totally make up for that!

Dodi said...

J, it looks like you're the only one who wants it anyway!

Cort's momma said...

hey so i was dying to call you this sat but i dont have your number. You are going to laugh when you hear who was at good Ole Bluestem Lake on sat! Jessica from Big Brother 8. We were tied up to the tower and a boat of guys and girls from Ark City pulls and this one girl looks so familiar to me and i cant figure out how i know her and her annoying nasal voice and i was tempted to ask her! It drove me crazy the rest of the day and then it hit me when we were driving home! Big brother! And sure enough we got online and pulled up her pic and she is from Haysville, KS! Remember she is the one that dayed that dorky Eric "America's Player"