Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Tuna Goes to the Doctor

So Friday was Big Tuna's 15-month Well Check appointment. It was basically uneventful except for two things.
1. We realized that he weighs a mere TWO POUNDS less than his older sister. Rhett is tipping the scales at 29 pounds, while Reese had to keep her shoes on to hit 31.
The good news is that he's a boy. There are always nose guard positions available as well as Olympic weightlifting. Also, according to the doctor, "He may look like a hunk, but he's also tall for his age, so he should weigh that much."

2. The doctor says bunk beds are a hazard. He hates them. His twin boys have them, but they've never stacked them, even though the boys are now 8 years old. He sees just too many injuries that way. He recommends leaving them unstacked for as long as possible.
Huh? Why would he mention this out of the blue? Oh yeah, the huge scrape down Rhett's back and the two busted lips from falling off of the ladder that is supposed to be under the bed, but somehow wasn't because they "wanted to play army fort and they have to get on the top."
the doctor suggested that we put the ladder in the attic. He didn't seem amused with my neglectful parenting.
I'm just glad it wasn't Reese's appointment. I would have had to tell him that she chewed through the electrical cord on the DVD player and almost shocked the hell out of herself. Can you imagine the look on his face then? I hear knocking at the door? Is that Child Protective Services? Uh oh. We're going out the back...

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Courtney said...

Ah, that's nuthin'. Maya broke her 7th bone yesterday and had yet another surgery. I'm surprised they still let her live here at all.

I jest but it's true. The fact that she's never been with Jeff or me when breaking those bones is all that's saved us, I'm sure.

Hang in there. Bunk beds are hazardous but so are bicycles, trees,trampolines and skateboards. Things happen.