Sunday, February 3, 2008


In case there is anyone out there reading who is wondering why I haven't posted....
I'm at home. P-town home. For another funeral. This is one of the saddest ones I've ever had to come home for. My sweet sister-in-law, Emily, whom I love as if she were my very own sister, has had a horrible thing happen. She and her two sisters, who are also like family to me, lost their mother last week. She was sick, so it's not exactly unexpected, but I don't know if anyone is ever prepared for a loss of this magnitude. Their mother was everything to them. The four of them were as close as any mother and daughters could be. It's a very hard thing to see people you love go through something so sad.
I know life goes on, but right now, up here, life is a little bit hard. I can't pretend that I understand how those girls feel, but my heart breaks every time I think about it. And I just feel such a sadness for them, that I need to take a break from silly little antecdotes about my silly little life. I'll be back in full force soon, but am taking a break for a bit. Send happy thoughts this way!

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