Friday, February 22, 2008

Protect Thy Food

If you have siblings, you know this rule by heart. I, as the oldest of four, learned early on that if I wanted my share of the proverbial pie, I better be first in line. This is probably why I panic if I see my husband take 3 or 4 pieces of pizza. I'm afraid there won't be enough for me. My weight proves that I have never gone hungry, but it's a deep-seeded fear that arises frequently.
I'm beginning to notice this same fear in my children. Since Rhett has begun testing table food, and enjoys it immensely, my girls are slowly learning that, if they want to ensure that their food remains their food, they better either hide it or eat it. Quickly. Sometimes they forget. And Rhett lies in wait for the opportunity to strike.

Here he is after a particularly delicious find. Reese left a donut on her chair. Big mistake, Reesie.

Her loss is his gain. Look at his grin. He can't believe his good fortune. Chocolate donuts beat pureed carrots any day!

She has just realized her mistake. I know she's upset because any emotion other than sheer joy causes her to cram those fingers in and suck like there's no tomorrow. It's her happy place.

I don't think he realizes he has hurt his sisters' feelings. I think he would feel bad if he knew she was sad about losing her chocolate donut.
Although, I must admit, the way his eyes are darting about as he eats, constantly on the lookout for someone who would possibly confiscate the donut, makes me wonder if he doesn't know exactly what he has done.

The positive side of all of this....he will clean up every crumb. I always know that, if I give him enough time and freedom, the floor will be spic and span in no time.
P.S. For any of you middle children who are worried sick about Reese's emotional damage over this incident, rest assured.. She got another donut. And she kept it close to her until it was completely gone.

P.S. Again...I have so much trouble formatting when I add more than one picture. It drives me nuts and I dont know how to fix it. If you know how, please email me ASAP and tell me what in the heck I'm doing wrong!!!

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Cort's Mommy said...

Ha ha i cant quit laughing about the food comments! That is so true! I've always wonder why im like that too and now i know....there are 5 kids in my family! Geez!

PS too cute pics! he is getting so big!