Monday, February 18, 2008

He's Growing Up Too Fast!!!

Are you getting tired of posts about Rhett? Good, me either.

He just graduated to a big boy car seat. The girls didn't weigh enough for a toddler seat until they were a year old. The weight limit on an infant seat is 20 pounds. Rhett passed that before he was 6 months old. We have spent the last three months searching for the latches to Avery's old seat. You see, when we realized he weighed 21 pounds and therefore, needed to be moved to a bigger seat, we got Avery's seat out of the garage and took it apart to wash all the pieces. Apparently, Reese found the latches entertaining because when we went to put everything back together, two of the latch pieces were missing. She gets the blame because she is notorious for walking off with things and because she can't defend herself.

So, for three months, we have searched for the latch pieces. We were desperate not to have to buy a new $150 car seat when we had a perfectly good one in the garage. We even looked into buying a used seat and using the latches off of it. We cleaned the garage from top to bottom. We cleaned out all toy boxes and baskets. We have racked our brains for three months and then it hit me. CONTACT THE COMPANY AND ORDER NEW LATCHES. Duh. I'm not sure how someone as dumb as me has been allowed to drive around with children in the car, but that's the case. And look how precious Rhett looks in his big boy seat. He's happy. No more screaming and crying in the car. Well, except for me, when I realize all my babies are growing up and they are going to move out and I'll be all alone with no one to snuggle with. WWWHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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