Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesdays With Reesie

Ah, the joys of living with a 2-year-old. This morning, Reese came in the bathroom and asked for juice. I couldn't help but grin, because her hair was wild and she looked so precious. I said "Reesie, your hair is kind of crazy. Look at your hair!" I meant, of course, for her to turn around and look in the mirror. But, being the clever 2-year-old that she is, she literally looked at her hair. Or tried to. Check her out.

"I can't thee it!"

"My hair is not there, Momma. It not cay-zee."

Here she is later in the morning. After a huge battle over who would put her jeans on her (remember, she likes to do it her-telf!), I gave in. She put them on backward without unsnapping or unzipping them. I tried to help her, but of course, she said no. Actually, what she said was (all together now!)"I DO IT MY-TELF!" And I'll be danged if she didn't wear her jeans like this for at least an hour. She must have finally gotten uncomfortable enough to let me help her, because she came in and said "Momma, my pants are bo-ken."

I'll say they are broken. Sheesh, how stubborn do you have to be walk around wearing your jeans backward and halfway down for a solid hour before you ask for help?
I'll answer that for you: Very, very stubborn. Unusually, obsessively stubborn. Quietly, sweetly stubborn. Adorably, frustratingly stubborn.
I couldn't love her more.

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Aaron said...

My daughter would say "thats how I like them." All day to everyone that told her they were backwards. She knows how she likes it. I have been looking for a I dressed myself button for a while. I finally made one and she loves it. Your blog is great.
Dodi from Washington (the state, not DC)