Monday, February 11, 2008

My Main Man

Have I mentioned that I love this little dude? I fell more in love with him this weekend as he said what sounded to me like his first word..."Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma." That counts as saying "Mama" right? I thought so. To commemorate the occasion, I've compiled some of my more recent pictures of my little man. Enjoy!

I love that he knows he owns this bed. I can put him in his own bed all I want to, but we all know that, at some point during the night, he'll end up here.

I love him when he's cleaning up his sisters' cereal off of the floor. (As cute as any dog and smells much better!)

I love it when he's "Big Pimpin'" in the hot tub. (Auntie Em's sink.)

I love him when he's snotty, and that's a good thing because he's ALWAYS snotty!

I love, love, LOVE these little meat pie feet. Can't keep my hands (and lips) off of them. LOVE THEM.

I love how he holds his mouth open between bites so he doesn't miss a thing.

I love that, even when Aunt La-La picked him up for a snuggle break, he kept his mouth open just in case the food was coming.

I love it when he cuddles with his big sisters. They watch TV, he watches me.

I love it (and hate it) when he gets into his sisters' marker stash under the cabinet. I gotta get a lock for that thing. Or move them to a higher spot. Duh.

Ok, so it's a bit much. I know this, but I also know that, one of these days way too soon, he'll be a big old boy who will no longer plead for me to hold him. Instead of patting my shoulder while I rock him, he'll squirm and beg to be "let go!" He will no longer fight to get into my bed at night. Instead of being content to lay quietly at my side, rubbing my arm and giving me slobbery kisses, he'll want to wrestle with anyone other than his mom. He'll shun my hugs and kisses in front of his friends and he'll smell like a wet dog 90% of the time. And then he'll move away and marry some girl and she'll get all his snuggles and kisses, so if I want to be an obsessed weirdo about my boy for a while, I will.

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