Monday, January 14, 2008


Yesterday, I was clipping coupons from the Sunday paper and decided that I might as well read part of the paper. You know, so it wouldn't go to waste and so I could learn stuff and all. Anyway, I got the Living section out first because it's the one with Dear Abby and the puzzles. Before I moved on to the New York crossword that I could never in a million years complete, I read the Miss Manners column. I like to think I already have manners, but you learn something new every day, right? Yeah, apparently.
Here is the question from someone who obviously has waaaaaayyyy too much time on her hands:

"The other day, I was in a bathroom at a restaurant and to find out whether a stall was occupied, I knocked on the door. The response was a muffled "Excuse me...
What is the proper response to a knock on a bathroom door? My feeling is that the woman had every right to be in that stall, so there should have been no need to excuse herself. My mother taught me to say the very obvious, 'Someone's in here'."

Are you kidding me? Did someone really take the time to write this letter. As if she is trying to point out that the woman in the stall was wrong for saying "excuse me?" Is there ever an inappropriate time to say "excuse me?" I mean, really, can you ever be faulted for saying polite words like that? And why in the world would Miss Manners print this question? Is there anyone else in the world who would be interested in the answer? (By the way, the answer did chastize the lady for trying to assign blame to this poor woman who just wanted to be left alone on the dadgum toilet.) Is the letter-writer going to take this article, walk around the mall with it, just waiting for that classless wench from the stall so she can once and for all show that her what an idiot she was for saying "excuse me?"
What a complete waste-of time, print, and my eye muscles.

Ok, so now I'm wasting your time too. But what I have to say is important. And people like to know this stuff. And have their flaws pointed out. Right? Right? Hello?


La-La said...

I prefer Cash's way of checking....he totally just sticks his entire head under the stall door. I am like Cash are you kidding me??? We are in a women's restroom and you are a BOY. You can not peek in on every stall.

corts mommy said...

Kicks his ass Willard!!! footloose