Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I Dare You....

...to be in a bad mood after seeing this picture. I don't think it's possible. Ok, maybe you can, but I can't. Seriously, how could I ever be unhappy when this is what I pick up at school in the afternoon?
I couldn't capture on film the "handome boy" strut she had going on as we walked out of the school, but I still think you get the idea when you see the cowboy boots, her favorite "blue and kinda black shirt with the horse on it like Daddy's," the paper chef's hat, created for a special cupcake-making activity at school. Oh yeah, and the "I Love God" ribbon that we can't remember why we made. "I guess just because we just love God, Mom." Sheesh, Mom...how dumb can you be?

I love the total package. I love that she has on Nicole Richie-style skinny jeans, but instead of ballet flats, she chose cowboy boots. I love that she LOVES this Polo shirt because her dad wears Polo shirts. I love that she talks in a deep voice when she's dressed like this. I love that she is so secure in herself that she thinks this is actually a good look and wouldn't believe you if you told her any different. She told me, "I just felt like being handsome today, so I am." There you have it.

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