Friday, January 4, 2008

I Am a Nerd

I really am such a nerd. I'm exhausted today and for once, it's not because of restless babies. It's not because I partied into the wee hours of the morning. Nope. It's because I stayed up too late watching coverage of the Iowa caucuses. Wait. Is it caucuses? Or possibly cauci? I'm new to the political arena - I discovered The O'Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel about a year ago and I'm obsessed. I love to think about how Hillary felt when Obama crushed her. I apologize if I am offending any of you, but I can't stomach the idea of her as president. Not because she's a woman, or a Democrat (Obama is a Democrat and I love him), but because she seems like the type of person who would sell her own grandchildren to become president. Oh yeah, and she has cankles. I may have them too someday, but I don't now and I don't want to see them on our president.
I like to wonder why Guiliani was the obvious favorite 6 months ago, but ran to Florida yesterday because Mike Huckabee came out of nowhere to beat everybody. I love to watch Fred Thompson dang near fall asleep at the podium every time he talks. I love the guy, but maybe he should stick to acting. He might drop dead of a heart attack the first time he gets a 3 a.m. phone call at the White House.
I don't know why I didn't pay closer attention in Coach Christenson's government class. Maybe it was because I was a dorky cheerleader trying too hard to be cool. Possibly it was because there was someone relatively cute sitting next to me. It could have been because I was busy passing notes, planning the next party. Whatever the reason, I was a fool. This stuff is really interesting.
Ok, it's official. I'm old. And boring. And nerdy. But it's fun to watch something I can never be a part of. I will never, ever run for office of any kind. Not even PTA Treasurer. I don't care that much, plus I have WAY too much of a past to even put my name in the hat. (Thank God there were no video cell phones when I was in college!) My husband can't run because they'll trash him because of his wife's wild past. So, I'll just sit at home and be a boring, nerdy observer.
Hey, when you're at home all day with three kids and your choices for outside entertainment are the computer or daytime TV, you get your kicks where you can.

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