Friday, January 11, 2008


My oldest, Avery, is notoriously bossy. It makes complete sense because, a) she's a miniature version of me and I am fairly bossy myself and b) she's the oldest of three. When you are the oldest (I'm the oldest of four), you have to be "responsible" for your younger siblings. You have to "set a good example" all the time and keep them out of trouble. The Catch-22 here is that you really can't win when you are the oldest. Your parents expect you to be their eyes and ears when they aren't there, but then you have to sit back and be a kid when they are there. And let's not forget that the younger siblings almost never make it easy on the oldest to be responsible or mature.

I think it's fair to say that I understand Avery's predicament. Since Reese was born we've had the "who is the boss?" conversation at least 2,000 times. This morning was 2,001.
She said "Mom, why do you always get to be the boss of everything and just do whatever you want? Like you get two waffles and me and Reese just got one?"

(Thought: Because I'm a fatty) Actual words: Because I'm a grown up. Do you want another waffle?

Avery: No, I'm full. But when I'm big, I'm going to do whatever I want.

Me: Ok, that sounds good.

Avery: Like when I'm sixty-ninety-four?

Me: Sure, or maybe when you are twenty-one.

Avery: Ok. Can I be the boss of Reese when I'm twenty-one?

Well, here's the problem with that. She'll be nineteen and probably won't let you be the boss of her.

Avery: Well, I think I'll still boss her.

Me: Ok, you can try it when you are twenty-one and see what happens.

Avery: Ok, I'll try. I'm going to go practice, ok?
I bet you can imagine how that turned's proof of how unappreciative younger siblings actually are. It's as if Reese has no concept of Avery's dilemma at having to help raise her into a decent human being. God bless the oldest child.


Erin said...

I love Reesie's face in the second picture. I spent most of my youth looking at Ben like that, being the second child. Yet another reason why Reese reminds me of ME!

Your favorite sister!!! said...

Oh for the love of pete....this post takes me back to my whole life....EVEN failed to mention that not only are the oldest bossy but they are ALWAYS right!!!