Monday, December 31, 2007


I love, love, love trivia. In fact, I have filled my brain with so much useless knowledge over the years, that it's getting so full that I can't fit in everyday things anymore. I can't seem to remember to wipe my kids' noses or brush my own teeth some days, but if you asked me something like "What was the first video ever played on MTV?" I would know that the answer is: Video Killed the Radio Star. See? Useless. But I love it. So I bought this book called Imponderables: Answers to the Most Perplexing and Amusing Mysteries of Everyday Life by David Feldman and it is so cool. It doesn't have much pop culture information, which I love, so I'll have to go elsewhere for that, but it's still a fun book. My plan is this: I'll share a useless bit of trivia with you every day in the hopes that sharing the information will somehow free it from my brain, therefore making space for more necessary business. I'll try to post one daily...unless that too, slips my mind.
Ok, so here's the first one. Not because I think this is the most interesting tidbit I've ever happened upon, but because you gotta start somewhere.

Q: Who put E on top of the eye chart and why?
A: Professer Herman Snellen replaced the original topper, A, because the amount of white space between each of the three parallel lines of the letter E are equal, thus making it a more fair measuring tool to determine how accurately a person was able to see. If you have poor eyesight, there's a greater chance of the E morphing into an F, P, B or an A, making it more obvious that you are misreading the letter.

Ref: Imponderables, by David Feldman

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