Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This morning was full of compromises. No one was ready to get up and get dressed for the day, but we had no choice. It was a school day for Avery and that means we all have to be fed, dressed and ready to go. Reese has been sick (she threw up on the restaurant table Sunday night and had fever yesterday) and therefore, extremely whiny and not wanting to do much of anything except be held. But as you all know, getting three kids ready to go in the morning means no sitting and rocking. For anyone. Even poor Rhett has to hold his own bottle for a bit on school mornings. Today was especially rough for some reason, so I found myself making all kinds of compromises that I normally wouldn't make, just to "get the show on the road," so to speak.

Here's my first compromise. Usually, Avery has to dress "like a girl" for school, saving her "boy clothes" for home and play. But tonight is her Christmas program and she has to wear a (gasp!) skirt, so, in order to help this morning go smoothly, I allowed her to wear all boy clothes, right down to the camo boxers.

Reese did not want to get ready this morning. She wanted to be held. But then she spotted Avery's dress shoes in the closet and decided she'd get ready happily if she could wear them. They look ridiculous and she fell three times leaving the house, but she was happy. And that's worth a million on mornings like this.

NOTE: The non-brushed hair and teeth was not part of the compromise for either child. I'm ashamed to admit that they indeed both went into Avery's school like that. And I left Avery there with stinky breath and half-brushed hair. But hey, she was on time. That's what counts.

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