Saturday, December 29, 2007

Little Brothers

Little brothers are soooo irritating. They invite themselves into girl play dates and slumber parties. They want to read your books and play with your toys, breaking most of them in the process. They come in your room, uninvited and look at all your important, grown-up stuff. They smack their cereal. They smell funny. Little brothers don't understand girl stuff at all. They would just as soon use your fabulous gold belt that is the only one that fits into your Jordache belt loops as a rope to hog tie your other brother. Brothers play too rough. They do strange things like hooking your hands and feet into your panties so that you are stuck like a turtle on it's back. They know just the right thing to say to send you to your room, sobbing. (Something like, "What's up, Skinny?" when they know you are trying to lose weight) Basically, they are just boys. And boys are bothersome.

But every now and again, a big sister finds that her little brothers actually are good for something. Like when you pull your calf muscle playing Wii and you have TWO brothers, a coach and an EMT who know what to do. Or when you are re-doing a table and your little brother can tell you all the little tricks to make it look right. And, when you want to have a shake-it-down good time, you have two fun brothers to shake it down with. Or, when you are two years old and you need to be able to see the TV. Your little brother's bottom is the perfect height.

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