Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Pictures

None of these pictures is a post on its own, but I love them all, for different reasons. Enjoy!
Big Tuna. He looks like such a BOY. Backwards hat (he always puts them on this way), one sock, no shirt. He's been playing the drums for Rock Band. He's growing up too fast!!! I laugh though, because he totally reminds me of a more athletic Chris Farley. Especially since he's pinching his belly.

Big Tuna again. He's not my favorite, I promise. He's just at that age where he's doing so many fun things and is still little enough not to be embarrassed or run from the camera. Note the upside-down crown (what is it with this kid and the back asswards head gear?) and the fact that he's doing "homework" like his big sisters do.
This is a phone number I found in Avery's backpack. A phone number! It's a girl in her class, who wants Avery to come over, but "her mom keeps forgetting to call" me, apparently. I guess the girls are taking matters into their own hands.

Anyway, I love this. I wouldn't begin to know this number. I have no idea which ones are fives or twos, sixes or nines. But I think it's cute anyway!
I don't know why I like this. It's Reese, watching a movie. Rhett just crawled up there with her. He never sits and watches a movie. I like how he's so focused on Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. Maybe that's what inspired him to wear a crown in the above picture!

Avery, fresh out of the tub. When I look at this picture, I can tell myself that she's still my little, baby girl. Not this big kid who brings home phone numbers and rides her bike without training wheels...which brings me to the next picture.

She still needs help getting started, but she's finally doing it!!!
I'll end with this. Smile, it's Monday! :)

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