Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Friday

It's Friday and I have about 8 gazillion thoughts running through my head. That's fairly normal for me, but this morning, they are especially random. I apologize in advance for wasting your time with this...

1. I am tired of wearing black yoga pants every day. I need to get online to order some other casual pants that are cuter than sweats but still comfy. I keep finding myself in the black yoga pant section of Old Navy.

2. My hair is getting long and dark. Sounds nice, but not if you have short, blonde hair. Thank goodness Aaron won $250 on point squares last night. He offered to pay for the hair! Guess he's sick of looking at it, too.

3. I need to call my thyroid doctor. I've been out of thyroid meds for three days...the bags under my eyes are about to become full-on luggage.

4. Need to work out. Abs are so sore from boot camp, I can't imagine doing Pilates today...but I can't stomach the thought of trying to be on the treadmill while keeping little ones away from it. Maybe I'll just go have a diet Coke and some pita chips. Mmmmm, dipped in garlic hummus. Yeah, forget the exercise.

5. I just ordered an indoor herb kit online. I'm jealous of Pioneer Woman's ability to just walk out back and snip some basil or parsley for a recipe. I want fresh herbs in my recipes, but I don't want to have to go to the store every single time. Wish me luck. If my past history is any indication of how this will go, you will see dead plants in my kitchen instead of in the pots out front. (Oh, well, they're still out there too. Dead poinsettias AND geraniums...Texas weather allows for both!)

6. Feeling extraordinarily lucky for my three kiddos today. This week has been full of bad, kid-related news. First the Travolta thing, then a neighbor emailed that her friend's 4-year-old daughter's brain tumor is malignant, inoperable, and incurable. There's more, but I can't share any more without giving up secrets. This may be a secret club, but I can't spill other people's beans!

7. I hate Aunt Flo. (Sorry, Bob, my lone male reader.)

8. I love Adipex (prescription appetite suppressant). It just kicked in and the pita chips and hummus are no longer calling my name.

9. I'm babysitting an extra kid today...should I be watching them instead of the computer screen? Nah...the most delicate one is napping anyway.

10. I got to order a new battery and Office 2007 for my computer. Yay!!! I'll get to spend even MORE time on here now, because I won't get so frustrated with all the problems!!!

11. I feel sad for my husband because he was so disappointed, but I'm secretly glad that OU lost last night. I know it's an ugly way to be. Everyone says "Be happy it's the Big 12. You're from Oklahoma, you should be happy for any Oklahoma team." Yeah, well, I'm not. I don't like OU and it goes against all my natural instincts to root for them. So I didn't and I won't. I'll just keep my mouth shut. Except to you secret club members. You get to know my innermost thoughts. (lucky you, right?)

If you made it this far, you should win a prize. Sadly, however, we are in a recession, so I got nothing for you. I'll send you some fresh basil if I ever get any!


Katt said...

I wish you luck with your herbs. I have been tempted a few times to do one of those but havent mustered up the guts to try. I will have to check in so make sure you keep me posted you might inspire me!!! Some days I wish bald was in ( for women ) it would be so much easier

Aunt La La said...

We have herbs in the camp too....LOL

Dodi said...

If they were those kinds of herbs, I wouldn't be writing about it! :)