Saturday, January 10, 2009

Party Pics

My friend, Kristel, was kind enough to allow me to share these snapshots from her son's birthday party last weekend. I'm not sure who took them, but I'd love to send them a thank-you note for capturing all of this on camera. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Here are Kristel and Tate, getting ready for the singing/candle blowing festivities. Notice anyone lurking? (Something about this picture brings this phrase to mind: 'Nobody puts Baby in a corner!')

I was too busy getting Rhett set up at a table and making sure he wasn't causing any trouble to even notice what Reese was doing. I felt confident that my girls could handle themselves at a birthday party without me overseeing their every move. Reese took advantage of my negligence, as evidenced here.

She didn't just try to get a closer look. She's ready to move Tate out of the spotlight and take over. I just wonder what Kristel is thinking and why she didn't just knock Reese off of the chair? Ok, Kristel is too nice for that. But a quiet "Reese, get down. This ain't your show," would have been fine with me. I'm sure all of the grandparents and people watching this were thinking, "Who is this little girl and why is her mother letting her horn in on Tate's big moment?" I also like the look on Tate's face. You can tell he's a little salty about Reese getting in his way, but he's not doing a thing about it. His eyes are pleading with whomever is behind the camera (Dad, I think). Bless his heart. Sorry, Tate.

Seriously, people, I was trying to keep Rhett out of trouble. And maybe socializing. A little. But mostly, watching Rhett.

Thankfully, my friend Kealey, noticed what Reese was up to and alerted me to the situation. As you can see from the following picture, I handled this with my usual subtlety and grace.

I cannot stop laughing. She'll hate me one day for documenting this moment, but I can't help it. Moments like this aren't caught on camera too often.
Thanks to Kristel for sending the pictures and for allowing me to share with you all. And to Tate for not punching Reese. And to Reesie, for being so unintentionally entertaining.

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Aunt La La said...

Reesie is so me....poor thing!!!