Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Funny Story

So, I'm feeling alot of pressure right now. Most of your totally sweet, self-confidence boosting emails, said things about me making them laugh or now I'm like "Ok, I've built this damn thing up for a week and I can't think of anything funny." You know, because the first meeting of the secret club needs to be good. And I suck at meeting people's I pulled a story from my mind that always gives me a good grin...hope it works for you.

You may remember the weekend that I went to visit my brother, Bo, in Kingsville. Aaron was home with the kids for three nights - the longest he's ever been alone with any of them, much less all three. I must tell you, though, that Aaron is a champ when it comes to taking care of all three kids. I know some people whose husbands can only handle one or two at a time. Not my husband. He may struggle at first, but he gets the hang of it and usually does a fabulous job.
The most important thing to note is that he tries so hard to do things "right." He tries to do things exactly how I would want him to do it - except for all the junk food - and he puts alot of effort into them when he's with them.
So, being the sweet, helpful man that he is, he decided to take them to buy their Halloween costumes that weekend. He knew I was a bit panicky about being gone the weekend before Halloween because weekends are generally my only time to shop. He knew what they wanted and took it upon himself to take care of this daunting chore. He called me that Saturday and told me they had been to a party store and Target, but hadn't found anything yet. He was pulling up to Toys R Us while we chatted. He stopped me mid-sentence, saying "Hey, there's a costume shop right here by Toys R Us. I'm going to go in there for a minute." He kept me on the phone the whole time and the conversation when something like this:

Him: Come on guys, we're going to go see what they have in here.
I hear him getting them all unbuckled and out of the path of moving cars. I can hear the door dinging as they walk in.
Him: Hmmm...this all looks like grown up costumes...let's go check in the back.
I can hear the kids all talking. Avery is looking for vampire teeth and Reese just wants to buy princess stuff.
Him: I don't see any kids' stuff here. What kind of costume store doesn't have kids' costumes?
Me: Hmm, that is weird. Is it just set up for this time of year? Could they be out of everything already?
Him: I don't know...let me look over here. Oh wait. I think this store is just for adults. I see some creams and stuff that looks a bit sexual.
About 4 seconds passes
Him: OH MY GOD, there is a giant dong!!! AVERY, KIDS, LET'S GO! WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!
I'm just listening, trying not to freak out, but also wondering why is there a giant dong anywhere that my kids are?
Him, (finally outside): Oh God...that was an adult store. Like porn. Oh my god, and I had the kids in there.

He wonders if they saw anything and if so, do they know what it is? Sadly, we'll probably never know. Well, at least until the next parent-teacher conference.


Aunt La La said...

LMAO that is GREAT

Erin said...

Avery's therapy session #367 :)

Jennifer said...

Welcome back! It's been a horrible week without you! You and Brett Farve are two of my favorite people!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I cannot even imagine! They will bust their newfound knowledge at the most inappropriate time.

haley_gabbard said...

Crap. No anonymous stalkers present. Just me. Dammit.

Nikki said...

This made me laugh out loud! So glad you decided to keep doing this blog! I look forward to it every day! :)

NETTIE said...

I am so glad to be part of the Secret Club.

Dena said...

Better not ask them to draw pictures for awhile!!

Welcome back!!

Sharon said...

ok--that is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it. I am watching the Cowboy game. = (

PS Thanks for letting me join the secret club. I'm honored.