Friday, December 19, 2008

Cristy Lane

I've been watching Fox News for about three years now. There was a tiny part of me that thought it meant I was either getting old or that my inner dork was becoming a more prominent piece of my personality. But I dismissed those thoughts in favor of more self flattery. "You are just paying attention to the world around you. It's good to be informed. More people should turn off the Friends reruns and start watching Fox News so that we have all the facts about our world." But the other night, I saw a commercial that shut that nicer, more flattering voice right up. It's a commercial offering Cristy Lane CDs. Here is Ms. Lane, in a still photo. (Notice it's copyrighted, so dont' get any ideas about printing this for above your mantle.)

She, supposedly, has "one of the most beautiful voices in music history" and I am totally missing the boat if I don't order the CD. Today, in a moment of complete boredom, I checked out her website You have to see this. I cannot stop laughing. I mean, I'm sure this lovely lady was a great singer back in the Andy Griffith era, but I'm not exactly sure who they think their audience is if they are trying to sell them now. If the Cristy Lane audience is the Fox News audience, then, the only conclusion I can reach is that I'm not only old, but a huge, loser nerd.
I'm thinking of starting a support group called It's Hip To Be Square. If any of you love The O'Reilly Factor, or went to visit the website and found yourself silently wishing someone would get you "One Day At A Time, Volumes I and II," let me know.

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Kristina C. said...

I do indeed watch Fox News and have the tune "I believe in Angels" swimming in my head! Are they brainwashing me?