Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sick and Twisted

Before I show you the following picture, I need to make a confession. Actually, it's not so much MY confession as it is my husband and I parenting as a unit. Well, really just him. I'm totally absolving myself of all responsibility in this situation. Ok, here it is: Avery has seen The Dark Knight.

Yes, that's right. On opening day, my husband took off work and took her to a matinee. To be fair to him, she has seen all of the other Batman movies with him. I don't watch Batman or Superman or any of that junk, so I just have to trust him when he says it's no big deal for her to see. But his face when he brought her home from The Dark Knight told a different story. And, in the weeks to come, as all the critics and other moviegoers shared their opinions on the movie, I realized that we had made a huge mistake in letting her see that movie. Clearly, it is way too violent and twisted for a five year old girl to be watching. Even though she went with her dad. Even though we have explained the difference between reality and movies. Even though she really didn't understand many of the more creepy undertones of the movie. We acknowledge that we've made a mistake and have begged her to forget that she ever saw it and not tell anyone about it. I'm sure she tells everyone anyway, but whatever. You can't un-ring a bell.

Ok, so on to the picture. All Avery has talked about since seeing the movie (no, she hasn't forgotten about seeing it) is being Joker for Halloween. I have been so torn over this, mainly because I think she would make an awesome Joker. She has perfect hair for it and I think we could make it cool. But then, the responsible mother-as-good-community-citizen in me says "No way. That movie and that Joker are way too sinister for a little girl to emulate or represent in any way."
My husband wanted her to be the Joker. She begged me to be the Joker. But, in the end, Mom rained on their parade. I said no. It's inappropriate and there are tons of other things you can choose. She took it surprisingly well. So well, that, as a reward for not whining, crying and begging me to change my mind, I decided to let her be the Joker. At home. Where no one else can see her.

Except that I think she looks so cool, I decided I need to share it with the world.

Seriously y'all....all she needs is green hairspray and she's Mini Joker. Scary, huh?

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