Friday, October 31, 2008

Fun Run

Is it already Friday? Whew! This week has been a whirlwind, and I couldn't even tell you why. I just know that I feel like I haven't looked up since my last post, which was Tuesday? Wow.

Honestly, between Reese's birthday last weekend and getting costumes ready for Trick or Treating tonight, I haven't been too focused on, well, anything. So, instead of a really enlightening, entertaining post, I'm just going to post pictures of Avery's Fun Run. It was a really cute fundraiser her school held on Wednesday. She had to collect pledges prior to the run. She hit us up, as well as her grandparents. Most people pledged $1 per lap. We pledged $2 per lap. Our expectations were that she'd run about 20 laps. She ran 29. We are broke.

Anyway, it was a great idea, in my opinion, for a fundraiser. Much better than selling the usual cookie dough or wrapping paper. Best of all, we all got to attend the run and be part of the action. I took Reese, Rhett and one of the babies I keep up to the school to watch. It was a blast!

The Spectators

Here's Flo Jo, I mean, Avery getting started. Notice the blue wristband. It is a watch. It is horrid and was the prize for getting at least 5 people to pledge. She loves it. She sleeps in it and wears it constantly.

I think it makes her run faster.

She took this whole thing very seriously. She reminds me of my brother, Bo. They are all business when it comes to athletics or any kind of competition. But when you scratch beneath that serious, tough exterior, they are both sweethearts...

Happy Halloween!

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Courtney said...

Great form too! Look at her stride. She's a cutie.