Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have a few questions after watching the Presidential Debate

1. Do you think Joe Plumber and Joe Six Pack know each other? Or maybe they're the same person. Maybe Joe Plumber becomes Joe Six Pack after work. If it's the same dude, he has a tremendous amount of power in this election. He's the only dude anyone has talked to. And he has a LOT of problems.

2. Why do they have three debates if they just say the same thing during each one? Can't they just have reruns?

3. What in the hell is a pork barrel project? "Cut out the pork barrels!" "Obama loves pork!" "Stop all pork!" I keep putting pork rinds on my grocery list and I don't know why.

4. Why can't either of these yay-hoos ever answer a stinking question? McCain repeats the same exact statements over and over. And you just know that when Obama starts a statement with "Well, now look..." that there is going to be a load of crap coming. I like the VP debate because they were actually saying something. I would rather see them mud-wrestling than repeating the stupid rhetoric. "I'm a Maverick." or "We need change." Enough already. Tell me something I don't know.

5. Why do these two candidates insist they are both UNpopular with their own parties? Who wants an unpopular president? If you want an unpopular president, let's see if Bush can hang around a bit longer. Or maybe that dude from "Revenge of the Nerds" is available.

6. How will we ever know who actually wins a debate? I just heard that "Obama's campaign is extremely confident that he won the debate." Two seconds later, another guy on the same network says "McCain showed his fighting spirit and they are quite pleased that he clearly came out ahead on this one." It's like a 4-year-old soccer game where they don't keep score and everybody gets a trophy.

7. Why do I care? Seriously, neither of them are going to do a damn thing to change anything, so I should just quit working my brain so hard over it. Lord knows I only have a few cells left to work with.

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