Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saving Money

So, I was watching an Oprah show titled "The Thriftiest Family in America." On this show, they had lots of financial advice as well as tips for saving money. One pair of friends each wanted new living room furniture, but couldn't afford to spend the money. So, they decided to trade furniture. Great idea, I thought. I've been wanting to get new couches. Perfect timing.

Now, which one of my friends would like to trade with me? I have several friends with nice furniture. Maybe a nice leather living room set. Ah yes, that would be great. Here's my offer: One couch and loveseat set, purchased 4 years ago for the discount price of $1100. It is comfortable (broken down in the middle), distressed (pen marks on the back and pee stains on the cushions), and durable (faded, old fashioned denim).
So, any suckers, I mean, takers?

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