Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sweet Reesie!

Today you are three. And you are sweeter and more precious than I could have ever imagined.
You are growing so much every day. I think we are both shocked that you are "FWEE!"

You are my girly girl. I love that, even when I make you wear pants, you find a way to make it "princess-y." I love that you will sit for 15 minutes, wearing a tutu over your clothes, waiting for your nails to dry.

I love that when we walk to school to pick up Avery, you want to bring your baby and stroller, "Just like mommy," and that you never forget to bring your purse. I love that you carry a purse filled with "tweasures" everywhere you go.

I love the clothes you choose for yourself and how adorable you are wearing them. I love that you stand in front of me (or your daddy) after getting dressed, waiting to hear "Oh, Reesie, you look beautiful." I even like that you wail, "I wanna be bootiful!" when I make you wear "regular" clothes.

Most of all, I love your sweet little personality. I love how you get so excited when you get to do something fun, or are given something "just for you," that you are so happy that you throw your arms around the closest person to give them an excited hug. Yesterday, when we brought your cake out and started singing, you were so excited that you just grabbed Avery and squeezed her.

Most of all, Reese-A-Roni, I love you. I hope you always remain a sweet, innocent, "bootiful pincess." You are amazingly wonderful. Happy 3rd Birthday, Baby Girl.


haley said...

Happy Birthday Reese!! You made me cry Dodi!!

Aunt La La said...

Don't forget she is a bag lady just like Aunt La La. I love you Reesie!! Happy Birthday!!! Hope you enjoy all your girlie makeup!!!