Monday, October 13, 2008

Frustrating Conversations

How can something so adorable be so stinking frustrating? Here's a conversation from this morning. This is extremely typical and makes me feel like I am losing my mind.
Reese: Mom, can I put on my tattoo? (Tattoo from this morning's dentist appointment)
Me: Sure, come over here.
I put on the tattoo. Fast forward four and a half minutes....
Reese: Mom, can you take this off? (the tattoo)
Me: Honey, tattoos don't come off. It has to wear off.
Reese: I want it off!
Me: It won't come off.
Reese: Yes it will. Wipe it.
Me: It won't work. It doesn't come off with just water.
Reese: Yes it will.
Me: No it won't.
Reese: Yes it will.
Me: No it won't. Here, let me show you. I grab a wet washcloth and wipe it. Nothing happens.
Reese: It didn't come off. See Mom? I told you. Tattoos don't come off.


Dodi said...

Scotch tape can take some off. Hope that helps.

Courtney said...

Olive oil or baby oil usually works well too.