Monday, March 31, 2008

My Baby Boy

My baby, Rhett, is growing up too fast. He's going to be 11 months old in a few days. That's only a month away from a year old! I can't imagine how he's that old already. Knowing that he's our last baby makes it even harder. I don't know what makes me the saddest - Rhett turning a year old or Avery turning 5. They are having a "combo" birthday party in May and I'm just positive I'll spend the entire time crying my eyes out. At any rate, I'm in a mood over my baby boy getting so big...I thought I'd share a few pictures of his latest "bigness!"

Look at him...he has friends.

He is standing up by only lasts a few seconds, but he's well on his way to walking. (sob)

Here he is after finding his sister's Rice Krispie treat. He loves it when his sisters leave their treats lying around.

He'll eat grass if he can't find anything yummier...he's not picky.

He's growing up, but he'll never be too big to snuggle with his Mommy. (Ok, maybe when he's 15 he'll be too big, but I'm not going to think about that now.)

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Aunt La-La said...

ahhhhhhhhh baby Rhett is getting too big...make it stop....make it stop!!!!