Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Dad Got Married

My dad got married Saturday. It's almost surreal. I now have a step-mom and three step-siblings. Do you even say that when you are an adult? It's a bit difficult for me to wrap my brain around the whole thing, so I don't try. I just say "Hey, Dad's happy" and move on.

I enjoyed the wedding and I do like the new step-family, so that's a plus.

I don't know if Dad and his new wife would agree, but my favorite part of the wedding was the kids. They were all dressed alike, and after looking at the pictures (there are no pictures where all of the kids are looking at the camera at the same time), I wonder why I don't dress my kids alike more often. It's just so precious. I should do it now while they are too little to protest!

These are just my dad's grandkids. There were three other kids, dressed just like this, at the wedding. They were adorable.
P.S. Look how JD is looking at that pot of dirt. You know he's just dying to get his hands in there!

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M said...

Dod...they look so cute! I love it.I can't believe you got Ave in a dress but please tell her how pretty I think she looks!