Friday, March 7, 2008

Snow Day!!!

Don't you just love snow days? You don't even have to be a kid to appreciate that cozy, safe feeling you get when the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful...sorry. Got away from myself for a second.

Yesterday was the first big, snowman-making snow we've had in in a loooooooong time. We are in the northern part of Texas and we usually end up with sleet and some slushy ice. But yesterday was perfect. We had those huge, fat, white snowflakes pouring down. It came down so fast that there was tons of snow within hours. The kids, who have only seen snow a couple of times and usually have to be at Grammy's in Northern Oklahoma to see any worth rolling, throwing or building with. So you can imagine their excitement yesterday when they got to get all bundled up and play outside.

Remember catching snowflakes with your tongue? Reese had never experienced that before. When I asked the girls what it tasted like, Avery played along and said "Chocolate" or "Strawberries" but not Reese. She's way too literal. She kept saying "No choc-ate, Mommy. It just 'no!!!"

Rhett was dying to be outside with his big sisters. Honestly, I was dying to be out there too. I love to play in the snow. I knew it would be cold, but I decided to try anyway.

This is why we came in immediately. Rhett doesn't like cold. And he definitely doesn't like to wear a hat and coat. He was stuck watching from the window. I stayed in with him and made hot chocolate for their "breaks." You know, the breaks they take every 10 minutes where they remove every piece of warm clothing because it's wet and cold and then after about 6 minutes of hot chocolate in front of the fire, they are ready to put it all on again and go back out? And you can't say no because it never snows in Texas and this may be the last time in a long time they get to do this.

Avery went back and forth lots of times. I finally quit taking her coat and boots off and just let her warm up for a while and go back out.
Reese didn't want to come in as much. Every time Avery would come in, I'd ask Reese if she wanted to come in. She would respond with "No Momma, I play in snow...I like it!"
When she finally did come in, her entire body was shaking. She was so cold, her feet were aching when I put her in the tub. But boy, did she have fun.

Then Daddy came home from work and the fun started all over again. They decided to build a snowman? Why isn't Reese wearing her coat? "Because we can't find it" was the response I got. Sheesh, Moms have to do everything.

Here's the masterpiece. All I can do is grin at this.

And Dad being, well, Dad, wasn't satisfied with just a snowman. He decided they would build an igloo. I thought this was a huge undertaking, but didn't voice my opinion. I wondered when he would give up. Here he is out here, alone, while the girls are inside in front of the fire, totally ignoring him. Avery keeps saying "Is Dad almost done with the egg-gloo?" but she has no interest in going out. He finally did give up on the free-standing igloo idea, but what he ended up with is much cooler, in my opinion.
He packed the snow on the outside of the Little Tykes firehouse. He always comes up with something!
The snow has already melted quite a bit and by tomorrow, it will probably be impossible to tell that there ever was snow. But like Avery said, "We'll never ever forget that snowman, even though he melted because we had a great time out there!"

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