Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Night and Day

My two girls couldn't be more different. Avery is the oldest and is a bit more serious. She is competetive and tough and way into "boy stuff." She despises anything pink. She takes her schoolwork and all things athletic very seriously. Reese is a bit more quiet in front of strangers but is a total ham at home. She wants to make people laugh, she wants everyone to say she's pretty and she loves girl stuff. She follows her sister around constantly, copies everything she says, and tries to act just like her sometimes, but her true self cries out for pretty dresses, jewelry and high heels. She's the one who constantly gets into my makeup drawer. She goes for the same thing every time. Goldie lip gloss in "Baby." She's my girly girl.
Never was this so apparent as this morning. The three of us girls watched "Enchanted" last night. Throughout the entire movie, Reese kept saying "I pincess, Momma." She asked if she could be a princess, wanted me to call her Princess Reese, and asked about 400 times if she could wear a crown.
This morning, we got out all the dress up stuff so Reese could be a "pincess." Avery said, in her deep "boy" voice, "I'm just gonna be the prince." Of course.

Look at the pictures...the differences between the two are captured perfectly.

Here is Princess Reese:

And Prince Avery: (I've never actually seen a prince dress this way, but hey, it works for her.)

And then there's Rhett. We aren't sure what he likes yet, except food. He just goes with the flow.

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Aunt La-La said...

Ahhhhh those are adorable!! You are going to be able to blackmale your children bad someday!!! I love that Ave went shirtless to be a prince!!!