Sunday, March 2, 2008

Deep Thinking

You know how I said I was all shallow and into makeup and hair and junk? Well, I'm going to try some serious deep thinking and I'm inviting the world (all 29 of you) to join me!
If you watch Oprah regularly, you've probably heard her talk about Eckhart Tolle's books- specifically, his most recent, titled A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose.
So, you may or may not know that she and Eckhart Tolle (and I thought my name was different!) are going to start a weekly class in order to discuss the book and encourage people to read and engage with others. You have to sign up for the class online, but it is free.
I haven't read the book. In fact, I just went to buy it today and am going to try to read it today, tonight and tomorrow so I can be ready for the first class, which is tomorrow night. Hey, I'm not feeling well today, so what else have I got to do?
So anyway, if you want to try to be happier or live "in the moment" a little more, or to just maybe become more aware of your place in the world, join me. If you live in my neighborhood, here's a little extra incentive: I just bought three bottles of wine, none of which cost less than $5 (my usual wine-purchasing criteria.) and I'll share them with you while we discuss our newfound enlightenment.
Seriously, folks, maybe this isn't for you. Maybe it is, who knows? It might be too deep or too weird, but I think it's at least worth a shot. What have you got to lose????
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Disclaimer: Oprah did not ask me to promote this (even thought we are super great friends). Neither did Eckhart. But if they did, wouldn't that be a funny book club? Oprah, Dodi and Eckhart. Our parents must have all smoked from the same pipe! (sorry Mom)

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