Monday, February 16, 2009

Tuna the Terrible?

Tuna has moved on from destroying computers to "tagging" property. Walls, toys, anything he sees is fair game. We've tried to hide all the markers and crayons, but he seems to keep finding them. I blame the girls. They can't remember to put their things away and Lord knows that's not my fault. This is the result of their forgetfulness thus far:

Two separate living room walls. (Luckily, our house is a dump that needed to be repainted anyway. )

And the worse offense so far...Dad's movie case. (Yes, he has this many movies and yes, he loves them as much as he loves the children)

You should have been here when Aaron saw the movie case. He was upset, to say the least. Add to that, the water on the computer, and you can imagine his frustration. I think he was actually angry. At Tuna, which almost never happens. He said "I do not remember the girls destroying this much crap. Do you?" I sat for a few seconds and then said the first thing that came to mind. "Honey, you have to know that, anything with a penis is going to be a hassle." I thought that was rather clever. Aaron was not amused. He said "If that's the case, let's just throw him out."

I bet we won't though...would you throw him out?
Me either.
(Sidenote: This story reminded me of my little brother, Bo. One time, when we were little, he wrote all over something (wall or a tray, can't remember), "Bo did it. Bo did it. Bo did it." And when my mom asked him if he did it, he said "No," and tried to blame me. Which proves my point: Anything with a penis is trouble.)


Trish said...

I am so with you...especially after having a girl first. Trent colored our white carpet and our entertainment center with black marker. I know Courtney never did anything like that.

Aunt La La said...

LOL this is great!! Im just going to keep my mouth shut since I am out numbered by boys & daycare!! Just so you know I was informed by one of my girls that she has a dinosaur & her dad has a penis....Im cracked up that one has a proper name & the other is an animal that no longer exists. :)

cort's momma said...

Oh seriously boys are so ornery! I knew they were bad but wow Cort broke my computer when he was only 8 months, he climbs on everything rides our bronze horse, when he gets mad he bangs his head on anything hard he can find...seriously it has to be hard or he will find something else! I get so frustrated one second and then he gives me a sweet baby kiss and forget how bad he can be.