Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Juvenile Delinquent

Well, we've hit another milestone at our house. Avery's first offense at school. She got a warning on her behavior chart for "putting hands in stamp ink." Basically, she was jacking around during literacy center time, making a mess, instead of stamping words like she's supposed to. And she knows better because, for crying out loud, it's February and they ought to be able to work independently without ruining the teacher's day. When I picked her up and asked how her day was, the teacher said "She'll tell you about it. She got a warning today." All I had to do was look at Avery and she burst into tears. "I made a big mistake, Momma. Am I in big trouble?" Frankly, I was relieved that it was such a minor thing, but I didn't act that way to her. I put on a good, Disappointed Parent Face like I'm supposed to. Her punishment was to clean her room to "earn the money to pay for the shirt she ruined" and to write a letter of apology to her teacher. She may very well kill me for this one day, but I had to share the letter.

In case you don't speak Kindergarten, I'll translate:
Ms. Shibley, I am sorry for putting my hand in the ink. I will not do it again. Love, Avery.

It's sick that I think she's precious even when she's in trouble.

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mrsdenarloyd said...

Kudos!!!! Way to nip it early!