Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm on the office computer today.

Why is this post-worthy statement? Because my cute pink laptop that my sweet husband gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago is BROKEN. It's broken because my baby boy spilled a glass of water on it. Which means I can't access email. Or the internet. OR EMAIL!!! I"m an email person. Hate the phone. Hate it. Love my family and friends to death, but seriously hate the sound of the phone ringing I need email because, well, I'm stuck at home with kids all day and that is my only connection to the outside world. One of them is on my lap, screaming bloody murder because the office is where his bed is and he is NOT ready to nap. I'm not making him nap, but he can see the bed, which seems to really disturb him. (This is another reason the phone isn't my friend. Babies screaming in the background put a cramp in my conversational skills.)
Here's my point of today's post...I have no access to pictures. At all. Of course I can always take more, but as of right now, I'm lost. All pictures from June 2008 through today are, as of now, inaccessible. So, as much as I would hate for my laptop to be ruined, my biggest fear is that all of my pictures are lost. In the whole scheme of things, I know this isn't up there with say, cancer or a house fire, but I need a lot of happy, good thoughts sent toward the hard drive of the cute, pink computer. Tell it to spit the pictures out. PLEASE!?!?!?!


Katt said...

Ok Pink Pretty Puter you know that Dodi loves you and so does Big Tuna he just spilled the water on you because he thought you were dirty thats hold onto Dodi's pictures and when your better & feeling good spit the pictures out ok ???

cort's momma said...

Oh i feel your pain. Thats why Im late on all these blogs b/c it was broken!! My computer was infected with viruses and trojans and all kinds of horrible things! (I wish a painful death for the inventors or viruses)
I had about 5,000 pics on there and i hadnt saved them on a back disk so i was freaking out b/c i just knew i was going to loose everything! I did end up loosing my music but not the pics.

Im buying one of those external hard drives. Western Digital has some that are good and hold 320G 400 Gb and they are cheap like $90! You just plug then into the usb port! You must get one!