Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What is it with kids and being naked?

My girls have always appreciated their own nudity. They'll get naked anytime, just for the sake of being naked. We allow it (at home) because we want them to get it out of their systems before high school.

Now their little brother has gotten in on the action. And he's learned that I'm going to try to catch him and dress him, so he tries to find a place to hide.

Sunday, I was getting him dressed and realized I had run out of diapers in the living room. I ran back to his room to get another pack and came back to find him in a spot where you just know he thought I couldn't get to him!

Note: He's carrying his Disney Cars...he had them in his hands while I changed him...and made sure he took them with him when he went AWOL over the gate.
I also like how the gate is strategically placed over his unmentionables. It's like it was planned! (It wasn't.) He's laughing at me, by the way. I feel him saying "Na na nee boo boo! You can't catch me!" I would have punished him for hiding and laughing at me, but I have a feeling that the naked trip over a wood and metal gate was punishment enough.


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