Tuesday, November 11, 2008

His Latest Hobby

I love that my little boy has developed this latest hobby. It can keep him busy for extended periods of time. Periods of time when I don't have to worry about what he's getting into. Plus, I think it's just adorable. He discovered cars and trucks a long time ago, but it seems he just figured out what to do with them.

Look how serious he is! First, he lines them all up, as if he is "parking" them. He'll switch their spots about 40 times before they are all where they belong.

Interrupting this process elicits this look:

(As I type this, he is sitting at the kitchen table with three of the same cars, making what I assume he thinks are car noises. He is also using the girls' puzzle pieces to cause very loud "crashes.")

He still manages to stop and say "YEEEE!" (Cheese!)

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