Monday, November 10, 2008

Pics from the Mud Run

I learned something about myself this weekend that disturbs me and thrills me at the same time. I like rolling around in mud. A lot. I like being dirty and sweaty and filthy.

This disturbs me because, well, I'm a 36-year-old woman and it's not dignified or lady like to roll in mud. It thrills me because it makes me feel young and it also sheds a lot of light on why Avery doesn't like girly girl stuff. She comes by it naturally.

Anyway, the run was more fun than I had imagined. There were walls to climb, which left me with countless bumps and bruises, and big mud slides that I would give anything to do again right now. Doing this also made me feel extremely tough and strong. The only bad thing is this horrid blister I have on my left foot. I'll tell you this, folks: Running in combat boots just ain't natural!

So, aside from the bumps and bruises and that big ass blister, and a snotty nose from all the muddy water in my sinus cavity, I came away pretty unscathed. At least where it face was intact for family pictures Sunday morning, which was my main concern.
Here are a few pics from the event. Aaron brought the kids out to watch, which made it even more fun.
The girls arrived just as we were about to begin the race. You've heard of "Mom Jeans?" These are Mom Camos. Just as comfy as they are attractive. Actually, just walking around in them wasn't so bad, but running in them and then running in them while they are weighted down with water and mud is torture. And I would do it again. I'm sick that way.
Can you see me jumping around like an idiot?

This is the "long" run before the first muddy obstacle. I was smiling, although I'm pretty sure the blister had already started.
Here are two of the kids, climbing a tree to get a better look at Mom's foolishness. They didn't get to walk down to where all the obstacles were, so they saw me running off, dry and clean. The next thing they saw is me coming across this bridge.
That's me, the one in front facing the dude with his shirt off. The kids said I looked like a "grungy monster." They were right.

Here we are as we approach the finish, tired but proud. (only 100 more feet before these boots come off!)

Here I am, being hosed off. By the freezing cold water from a fire truck. That was it. They came up, threw the hose for a bit and then drove off. I had to cut my underwear off of me in the parking lot and go home commando. Very dignified.

Ok, one last picture and I'm only posting it because of my new love of being pitied. This is the blister. Does it look as painful as it feels? I cried in the shower when the water ran on it. Last night, when I soaked it in peroxide, I chugged a beer in the hopes it would dull the pain. It didn't.
Do you feel sorry for me, even though I brought this on myself? I choose to believe that you do. Thanks.


Kristina C. said...

Good for you, girl! You did it! You should be proud, and you should be pitied for such a nasty blister! Thanks for sharing the pics!!

Lauren said...

Oh GIRL that blister is awful...I am so proud of you!!! I think you should be house-slipper & sweats bound for the next month!!! Love Ya