Monday, November 24, 2008

Precious Moments

I'm not talking about the Precious Moments that some people, who shall remain nameless, collect for reasons I cannot understand. I'm talking about the rare moments when your kids are not only not fighting, they actually seem to enjoy each other. Yesterday, we had two such moments.

Avery was really reading to them. (What she doesn't know, she improvises.) And they were really listening.
And my precious baby girls napping, late into the afternoon. Nevermind that they were up last night until 11 because of this 2-hour snooze-fest. They were the most blissful 2 hours of my weekend.
Moments like these are what keep me going. There is always the glimmer of hope that they will happen again.
Right now, all I can hear is Reese yelling "Give me that belt! I want to use it like my wope!" And Avery say "This is my rope for catching bad guys! Get away or I'll tie you up with it!" (It's MY robe belt and if they don't stop arguing soon, I'm going to tie them to the chairs and gag them with dirty socks.) But I have the memories of these Precious Moments. I have a feeling I will need to escape to these pictures many times this week, as Avery is out of school for 7 more days.
And hey, if the magic of the pictures fails to preserve my sanity, there's always Benadryl.

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