Friday, November 7, 2008

Today is Friday

Thank goodness, too, becauseI can't handle any more school days this week. My 5 year old darling is going to turn my hair gray with her drama and attitude.
Avery had a runny nose and was up all night long, crying and snotting all over the place. When the alarm went off, I tried to wake her and she wouldn't budge. I actually thought I would just call our neighbor and tell her to go to school without us because Ave needed to sleep. But she heard me dialing and bounced up and freaked out. She whined and griped all morning. Everything I did was wrong and she let me know it. I was worn out before the other two kids even got out of bed. I wanted to crawl back in my big, king-sized bed and just shut out the morning.

And then, this came in the room....

She was a little salty that I made her wear sweats today, but she spiffed it up with pink socks and tap shoes and all was right with the world.
This poor guy, however, is not so lucky. He has to wear sweat-capris because his mommy hasn't bought him any comfy sweats that are long enough this year.

But he has a "Rhett Pop Tart" (Reese's name for a Nutri Grain bar) so he's cool about the high waters for now.

Have a great Friday!!!

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Erin said...

LOVE the pic of Reese...she's freakin' adorable!