Monday, June 8, 2009

Guess what they are doing????

Did you guess "pulling teeth?" If so, you are right! Avery lost her first tooth last night. Needless to say, she was beyond excited. She bit down on a ball (is it strange that my kids were playing 'fetch' and carrying balls in their teeth?) and it loosened it a LOT. She was shaking and doing the half laugh/half cry. Do you even remember being that excited about something? I think childbirth was the last time I felt that way. Amazing how a 6 year old can feel that many emotions over a tooth.

We all took turns trying to pull it. She was a trooper. I tried with a Kleenex, Aaron tried with dental floss (see above) and when nothing worked, Avery just reached in there and yanked it herself. As soon as it came out, there was more shaking, accompanied by the nervous laughter.

She couldn't wait to call Grammy (and anyone else who would answer their phone at 9:20 p.m.). Here she is, spreading the joyful news.

This morning, the excitement started all over again when she found, not only the tooth (she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking if she could keep it), but a $5 bill and "fairy dust," which, to me, looked like pink glitter, but Avery thinks it fell off the tooth fairy's wings. Reese thinks it came off of her wand. Wherever it came from, it was worth all the hassle it takes to clean up glitter in carpet and bedding.
I can't believe how quickly she is growing up. As of Thursday last week, she is officially a first grader. I remember when I was younger, thinking that time drug by as slowly as a crippled snail. Not anymore. I wish I could push pause. Not right this second, because Reese and Avery are arguing, but maybe later. Like when they are sleeping.

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melyoung said...

YEAH Avery! We can't wait to see the new hole in you head! Love, Dae Dae