Friday, June 12, 2009

Swim Lessons

The kids are in swim lessons this week and they are having a ball. They are learning a lot too, thanks to Miss Sally. And even though I love watching each of them learn new skills, I must admit that my favorite thing about this week has been watching Rhett.

He has been hilarious all week. He listens so intently, you almost forget that he's only 2 years old. He's not afraid of putting his face in the water and his favorite thing to do is jump off the side of the pool. Any time Miss Sally tells him to do something, he yells "OKAY," and when she asks him if he's ready he yells, "YEAH!" He has jumped in twice without anyone there to catch him, which nearly gave me a heart attack, (He has scratches on his back from where I reached in to grab his pants.) but other than that, he's done a great job. And he LOVES it.

Reese, on the other hand? Not so much. She really didn't like the first day too much. In fact, at one point, she very politely asked Miss Sally, "Could you please stop touching me?" She doesn't love putting her face in the water at all. She'd much rather be posing at the side of the pool.

Avery, as usual, has made it into a competition (just in her mind and in the car on the way home) and wants to be the best one in her class. So, yesterday, when Miss Sally gave them the option to either jump off the board and swim to the side or try to learn to dive, Avery was the only one who chose to dive. I'm sure she was nervous (I know I wouldn't have done my first dive from the board...I was always diving from the side for 3 weeks before I would do it off of the board.) but she wants to be the star of the class, so she did it.

Here she is, preparing for her across-pool swim. She and Rhett obviously have the same taste in goggles.

Is it just me or is she eyeballing the little boy next to her? She's probably trying to psych him out. It's not a race and no one else cares, but that's how her little mind works.

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