Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Avery in Oklahoma

Avery has been in Oklahoma since Saturday and she hasn't called me once. I've called her, but she is too busy to talk. Luckily, my sister keeps me updated via text and she has sent a few pictures. Sunday, Aunt La La (my sister) took them to Woolaroc, a cool little museum-type place we used to always go on field trips when I was in elementary school. It has lots of Cowboys and Indians stuff, which I knew would impress Avery. Turns out, they've added a lot to Woolaroc since I was there...(can't believe it's changed in the last THIRTY years!)

There is a petting zoo there. I honestly have no idea what this animal is.

Avery forgot her cowboy boots, so Aunt La La took her to the local store to buy the ugliest boots in Osage County, but Avery loves them. She is wearing Cash's jeans and shirt, which is about 4 sizes too big, but she is happy. JD is wearing a floppy old hat that my Nana has for dress up and he seems pretty happy too. Cash is the only one who looks unhappy, but I think that might be his "I'm a cowboy, don't mess with me" look. It must be...here's one of all three of them looking that way.

They are so stinkin' cute, aren't they? Avery will have these memories forever...I'm so glad I let her go!

Although, I wasn't told there would be live ammunition:

Apparently, this "mountain man" lives there, in a tee pee. Here are the kids, inside the tee pee:

I still haven't figured out if this is for real or the dude works for Woolaroc...surely he doesn't willingly live in a tee pee with no running water or electricity? Stranger things have happened I guess.

Here they are in the campsite. It appears to be the kitchen. I'm sure cooking in a tee pee can be kind of tedious.
I wouldn't know anything about that because, apparently, I have completely lost touch with my Osage Indian heritage; I thought Avery was holding an axe in the next picture:

For those of you who have either lost touch with (or never actually had) your Native American side, this is a tomahawk. You know, the tool used to scalp the white man. There isn't a child alive in Osage County that doesn't have a rubber tomahawk. Mine had a red spearhead. It's a lovely toy to give a newborn baby.

I will leave you with a shot of the kids searching the landscape for Indians...did I mention that each of this children ARE actually Indians, even if only an itty bitty bit?

Who thinks that Aunt La La is one brave soul for taking all of these yay-hoos out by herself? I'd say she's a pretty fabulous aunt, wouldn't you?

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Courtney H said...

Great pics! Ya know, they still have the trash eating buffalo too.