Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am a homebody. I love being at home. Sure, I have my times where I need to get out, but most of the time, my weekly grocery shopping cures any cabin fever I might have.
One Girls' Night Out can last me a month or more. I just don't need to be out and about. I love my house, even though it's not fancy. I love my kids, even though they drive me crazy sometimes. I even enjoy cooking, cleaning and doing laundry.
Sometimes I look at friends of mine and think "I'm so lazy." I think I should be taking my kids to Mother's Day Out or Little Gym. I should schedule more playdates. I should get them in more activities. But honestly, it wears me out just thinking about it.
I know it probably drives my friends nuts because I'm not really into chatting on the phone or always up for doing something. I like not having plans very often. I'm never bored. Honestly. If I have a time where there's not something to be cleaned or washed, someone to be fed or bathed, or wifely duties that need tending to, I don't feel bored. I feel blissful.
Right now, I'm sitting outside, on a blanket, while the baby I watch naps and Reese and Rhett run around on the sidewalk. I'm not doing anything, but I don't feel restless or bored. I feel content. The fact that we have gymnastics today bugs me more than the fact that I may not speak to another adult for 8 hours today.
My husband is going to play golf tonight and won't be home until after 9:00. I was irritated by this because he didn't tell me ahead of time and I'm a planner. And frankly, I don't want to have to take all three kids to Target, but I'm not upset that I'll be alone with the kids.
Maybe it's because I moved to Texas without a friend or family member to hang with, talk to, count on. I was home alone A LOT. I got very good at filling that time. Mani/pedis, books, magazines, computer, exercise (as a last resort). I find all kinds of ways to occupy my time if I don't have chores I have to do.
Maybe it is because I'm lazy. I hate buckling kids in and out of car seats just to run errands or "drop by" a friend's house. Maybe I just don't want to dress in something other than workout clothes or wear makeup, which I would feel the need to do if I wasn't at home all day. Maybe I am a control freak and when I'm by myself, I can watch what I want, eat what I want and boss the kids any way I want. Scratch the last sentence. Even when my husband is here and he's in charge of the remote and being picky about what we have for dinner, there's still no place else I'd rather be. (Ok, if I'm being honest, sometimes I'd rather be any place but here. The nights when kids are fighting and whining and the husband is being a turd; those nights feel a bit stifling, but fortunately, they are few and far between.)
Whatever the reason, I have decided to embrace it. I am a homebody. It works out great right now because I'm a stay at home mom with no money. The fact that it doesn't really bother me that my car may not move for 3 days at a time is probably a good thing because I can't afford to go very far anyway. Frankly, I don't do well with doing things I don't like to do, so if I hated being stuck at home or needed to be around other people all the time to be happy, I would probably be a beast to live with. (Ask Aaron what my personality was like when I had to work when Avery was a baby. I'm surprised he still liked me enough to have two more kids with me!)
So for today, I'm just going to be grateful that I'm a homebody. I feel blessed that the four people who live in this house just happen to be the four people I like to be with the most.

(P.S. How many times did I say the word 'lazy' in this post? Think I have a guilty conscience about sitting on a blanket in the front yard, jacking around on the computer when there's a floor to be vacuumed, clothes to be ironed and coupons to be clipped? Nah. No way I'm LAZY!)

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Cort's Momma said...

oh dodi that is totally my life!! I hate going places or having plans. I like to be at home with Cort or at my moms. Heck going to the store is a major chore that I hate!