Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm Freaking Out!!!

Have you ever looked at the date on the calendar and just suddenly freaked out? I did that today. I just realized that today is April 1. Which means May is next month. That means Avery will be turning 6 and graduating to 1st grade. And Rhett will be 2. And Reese? Well, hopefully Reese will be maturing and becoming a kinder, gentler person. She will, after all, be three and a half, which is a whole different ballgame than just plain old three. Right? (Please tell me I'm right...her attitude is driving her dad and I NUTS lately!)
Anyway, I can't believe it's already spring and 2 months until summer and I'm just freaking out.
I keep thinking of how quickly time flies. And it makes me feel old. And that reminds me that my birthday is at the end of the summer and I'll be THIRTY SEVEN. And then, pretty soon after that, I'll be FORTY. And Avery will be 9. And Reese will be 6 and Rhett will be 5 and they'll all be in school and I'll be old and they'll be all grown up and won't want to have anything to do with me anymore and I'll want to get pregnant to replace the empty nest but I'll be old, so I'll have to do in vitro and I'll be the next Octumom and everyone will hate me.
What? This kind of freaking out isn't normal?

Ok, I was just kidding about the Octumom part, but seriously...time goes too fast.


Katt said...

LOL Dodi dont fret being 40. I will be hitting 40 in July and honestly it just keeps getting better. It could be worse wanna trade emty nest syndromes? My baby will be 16 the end of summer and my oldest is turning 18 this month!!!! With every new age there is a new set of fun times and things to live through and enjoy and yes sometimes pull your hair out but youll be Thats what the age 3 is for

Erin said...

Don't you dare go least until I pop one out (which will probably be a while!). Miss you! :)