Friday, April 3, 2009

A Boy and his Shoes

And you thought girls were the only ones who obsessed over their shoes! My boy LOVES shoes. Especially his furry Crocs. He wears them all the time...
...even when he can only find one.
(Note: He's wearing the nerd glasses that Avery won at the pizza place. He calls them "cool cats" because that's what we always say when someone has on sunglasses. He's standing here saying "I coo cat!")

Even when he's yelling at me because I won't let him have a "Ee-yay-go nack" (Diego snack), I smile because he has his Crocs on. Backward. With his jammies.

He even wears them while accessorizing. Here he is wearing my fake pearls and Reese's hair bow.
God, I love this kid. Have I said that before? Did I also mention that he cleans? Not vacuuming and dusting just yet, but he puts his dirty dishes in the sink and cleans up his toys. Yeah, he may be my favorite child. But don't tell his also-cute-but-not-as-neat-and-tidy sisters.

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